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Exceptional RV Repairs and Services


We will diagnose any issue(s), and/or concern(s) in order to better understand our clients needs, and provide a personalized solution just for you!

***Please note that all of our clients are subject to a required diagnostic fee before we can proceed with any diagnosis, repairs, upgrades, and/or renovations. (Subject To Change).***


Custom Renovations

Looking for some updates in your RV? Here at Prestige Mobile RV Services we offer custom renovations that meet all of our clients needs, wants, and desires. You’ll be amazed at the difference our expert team can make for you. Custom renovations can drastically change the look, feel, and experience of owning and enjoying an RV.

Contact us today to schedule a quote!

RV Reno.jpg

Emergency Call Outs

Emergency call outs play a crucial role for us here at Prestige Mobile RV Services. It is important that our team understands that our clients sometimes have emergent needs. We are here to help you 24/7.

***Please note that emergency call outs are subject to a higher diagnostic fee, and will be required in order to perform your needed emergent services! (Subject To Change).***

Roof Repairs

Have a roof that's leaking? Need your roof re-sealed? We offer various roof repairs ranging from simple leaks and hole repairs to complete roof re-sealant and protection. We can also replace your awnings as well!

RV shop repair.jpg


Is your RV looking old and tired? Just need a wash? Here at Prestige Mobile RV Services we offer complete RV detailing. Get your RV looking shiny and new again!

A/C Cleanings & Services

Is your A/C working hard to cool off your RV? Just need a quick cleaning of your unit(s)? A thorough cleaning and servicing of your A/C unit(s) can drastically change their efficiency and the way they cool your space.

Give us a call, or send us a message so we can come take a look at your A/C and get it/them working like new again!


Handy Man Services +

Aside from RV repairs, we also offer handy man services in order to be more involved with our community. Not only meeting the needs and wants of RV lovers, we also meet the needs of others as well. No matter the job at hand, it doesn't hurt to give us a call! Let us see if we can be of help to you!

Examples of Handy Man Services+ Include (but are not limited to):

- Home Renovations (Interior & Exterior)

- Home Repairs (Interior & Exterior)

- Other

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